“Medium” is a visual reinterpretation of supernatural photography. The project consists of a series of photographs depicting diverse paranormal phenomena, which are commonly associated with photography through time: auras, souls leaving dying bodies, telekinesis, demonic manifestations, spectral apparitions, etc. Echoing 19th century spiritualist images, sensationalist tabloid covers and viral Internet snapshots.

The project works as an exploration into the function of photography not only as “evidence” of the metaphysical but also as the instrument in the formation of beliefs. Even in this day and age when photo manipulation is accessible and widely known, tampered photos are consumed constantly and used as irrefutable proof by believers of all backgrounds.

For the production of this series I have used a large format camera and instant film. It is worth noting that no digital or physical manipulation was done on the photographs in post production. So the fact that unretouched photos can capture untrue abnormal events opens the dialog on the ambivalence and fragility of the medium.